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Too many robot cats!


"i’m just being the devil’s advocate" did he send you from hell??????? is he paying you for that job or is part of your punishment for being a terrible human being that you gotta do it for free

I meant to post this yesterday and accidentally left it a draft

Jota+: Hey. You’ve been working on that story and character outline a while.
Me: Yes. Must type faster. Hyperfocus.
Jota+: Well, you know that bug where on rare occasions when you try to access an existing file or save a new file over a network share I crash instantly instead?
Me: Must type faste—Uh. You mean the one where I keep saying I need to save files when I first start them to prevent losing the new file…oh, shit.
Jota+: You just tried to open another file over the network.
Me: shit shit shit no not now
Jota+: Goodbye, entire outline and character work~
Jota+: /crashes, no chance to recover file/
Me: I have brought this partially upon myself, yet I must still say: AAAAAARRRRRRGHHH



Got the new Super Smash Bros game and made my Wolff Mii a fighter.


Is his specialty exploding/ making new friends incredibly awkwardly?


I gave him the speed-y sounding moves (rapid slash, jet stab etc) so he just dashes off the stage and blows himself up.


Well he did pilot an Energy Liger.

Had to reblog with that comment included. Had to.

I rather like the Manic Street Preachers, but man, I really need to take most of The Holy Bible off my MP3 player so it doesn’t come up on shuffle.

I sometimes do the thing where I pick up the emotions that went into a work with it, and if you know that album you know why that’s not a good thing.

On top of that, the sound of it has this crawling uneasy badbrains feel that I swear I feel in my teeth and the roof/back of my mouth right now. I can feel sound in my head some with these headphones, and this album feels…threatened, anxious, trapped. And that travels down as tension in my shoulders/down my spine. Like it’s pinging wanting to move, get away from predators type instincts… thing. Or that’s my meds kicking in oddly. Or both.

Music does sensory things that bleed elsewhere to me sometimes, and that’s pretty fascinating—there’s a lot of things about music and brains I hear about, including people with brain diseases being able to do things memory or motion they normally can’t when music gets involved—presumably because somehow it’s doing/using or enabling different things? It’s one of my strongest memory association points, I know that much. But how and why it has these effects…

I should post about music/brain things more. And music overall.

Wow, Tumblr app. I typed a whole post about Star Trek and made the mistake of doing the tags before saving a draft or copypasting it elsewhere too. Changed a tag and/or accidentally switched screen orientation (not sure which did it or if it was both combined)…post gone.

Thanks a lot :p.


[Milwaukee pollen counts—Weeds (especially ragweed) high, molds very high.]


…for bonus fun, I was sick this morning too. Thanks, guts.

Plus side, I think my CD Japan order is here. Zoids comics! And other things.





High detailed Zoid commission for Ky, of a slightly customized Rayse Tiger. Made some adjustments to the armor all around, trying hard to maintain the general aesthetic.

I feel the need to express again how much I enjoy drawing glowy stuff, especially if it’s blue~ This one ended up blending into the background more than I wanted, but I didn’t want there to be a major light source outside of the Zoid itself.

Me: I'm autistic and I need help coping with a thing.
Google: Here's links on how to make your preschool-aged autistic child do this thing whether they want to or not.




Awesome followup comic from brainbubblegum, who always deserves to be pelted with cash monies.

Holy shit Hermann smashing the table with his cane and Newt twirling his shirt i’M DYING


The new kitten is here, so, they wanted to play outside and here they are c:

D-Style Shield Liger and D-Style Blade Liger by Takara Tomy



i just want a queer version of every show i’ve ever cared about



#gundam #gunpla #kitbash #custom … taking it really slow of late… this here.. zoid.. I work in some joints to the legs.. now it can sit like a dog… I think…

Oh, awesome. The bad posability and weird legs on the kit as it is built straight out of the box made the Command Wolf disappointing for me, but these mods make it much nicer.

Do you have any pictures of it mid-construction or info you wouldn’t mind sharing on what you used? I have an empire Wolf sitting in a box in pieces, and every time I see a modded one I end up wanting to make its legs and other joints better too.



Thanks to masbro Faisal for the coloring tutorial.
Artflow on SM-P601.
#mantis #insect #nature #robot #zoids #galaxynote #sketch #artflow #blue by nafiantz http://ift.tt/1tbe2gb

Robot mantis and drawn in ArtFlow? Yesss.